PSD to Joomla

best website conversion of psd template to joomla web template

There are many benefits of PSD to Joomla conversion. Joomla is an open source framework that is also a content publishing system that is very interactive and can be used with blogs, websites, media portals, ecommerce applications and online communities. Joomla is a great choice as it is free and offers 3000 different extensions and modules as well as a huge active community.

Additionally by using Joomla you do not need to only use a specific type of software but you can use any developer or design company that you want. You call the shots when creating your website. Other benefit is that by converting your old website you will meet all search engine optimization requirements. This will ensure that your website gets maximum hits on search engines and generates business and revenue.

Luckily, anything can be converted into the Joomla content management system. Even when you take something such as a PSD and convert it into Joomla, it will look just as it did in its original form. You do not have to worry about something not coming out right. Everything will look exactly the same.

But once you have your content placed within the Joomla content management system, you will be able to do such things as edit, add pages, and do a hundred other things that Joomla will allow you to do. In other words, you are able to do things that you would not be able to do if you did not convert to Joomla.

RAM COM Solutions offers cost effective PSD to Joomla conversion. The other features of this conversion are the Joomla template will look the same as PSD design. The template will have cross browser compatibility and will have valid XHTML/CSS markups. The template will have flexible module positions. CSS classes and images will be named respectively to make much sense. The template will be SEO friendly. RAM COM Solutions offers a 24 hour service with money back guarantee.